Permanent staff

Not another poor outsourcing solution, our permanent staff are the best in the industry. We provide world class creative & technical resources — backed by a decade of experience with Australia’s best agencies.

Your offshore office

Your offshore office

Full-time & part-time permanent staff

In a nutshell, we find you team members in Vietnam and look after all their working requirements (legal and wellbeing). We then provide that staff member to you on an on-hire agreement. You pay us a fixed monthly cost & we look after your team member (from a legal and wellbeing perspective). Your staff member is provided to you exclusively as part of your team (with your companies email address and all).

beshore® means you can be sure about the offshore staff you’ve hired. Often referred to as your ‘b-team’, our staff are always on their A-game. Whether you’re in need of full-time or part-time permanent staff, you can rest assured that beshore® will provide you with the best team to get the job done.

Hassle free recruitment

What we offer


Fixed monthly cost

What you’re quoted for is what stays. There are no unexpected costs with our fixed monthly cost. You pay us & we look after your teams legal working requirements and wellbeing.


Health insurance

We include health insurance as part of our employment package for our offshore developers. This cost is covered by beshore®.


Office & amenities

beshore® reserves a permanent space for all staff in our office with coffee, tea, meeting rooms and printing provided.


Payroll Admin

All administration aspects of payroll (conversion rates, social insurance, transfer of wages, etc) are completed by our team.


No upfront cost recruitment

All staff are recruited by us and are fully vetted by the best in the industry. We don't charge a recruitment fee.


Wellbeing and support

Our team leader will ensure staff are focussed, happy and all projects are completed to the highest standard. We also provide support on how to get the best quality work from your staff member including advice on how to deal with feedback.

This is not a finite list

Roles we typically recruit for


Front End Developer


Back End Developer


Digital Designer


Content Entry


Assistant / Project Manager


Quality Assurance

How it works

3 simple steps


Your brief

Let us know
what you need.

Simply reach out to our friendly team and we can organise a time to catch up via video or the phone to hear about your requirements for resource assistance / hiring. We just require a list of tasks that they would need to complete and we can do the rest.


Recommended solutions

We send you vetted
CVs to fill your role.

Based on your brief, we'll check our roster and reach out to our network (where required) to provide you with multiple options to fill your role. You can beshore® that all of our recommendations are vetted by industry experts to ensure their work is of an exceptionally high standard.


Trial period

Start trialing your
new team member.

We offer a "no obligation" trial period for your new team member to ensure they are a good fit and can complete the tasks at hand accordingly. We'll check in often to ensure things are running smoothly and on successful completion of the trial period, we will assist you in creating a custom agreement to have them join your team permanently.

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Nothing but excellent results!

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You guys are bloody legends!

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